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1Cintap:Business Process Integration (BPI)

Cintap BPI is a cloud integration platform, BPI helps customers streamline their trading partner integration projects, automate their transaction processing, and manage and monitor end to end flow of the business transaction seamlessly.

Accelerate Trading Partner Onboarding

Cintap Business Process Integration (BPI) solution will help organizations accelerate trading partner onboarding process, it significantly reduces the time and budget to onboard new partners, enabling the businesses to automate their transaction processing and eliminating the manual intervention.

Complete Flexibility for Customization

BPI is not designed as one size fit all solutions, it offer great flexibility to work with any ERP, Accounting or home grown custom applications, BPI Implementation team will work with your specification and configure the translation and transformation processes which suits your needs perfectly. BPI will work with any data format to design and build the integration processes, EDI, XML, cXML, JSON, IDOC’s, Custom Flat Files or any ERP specific formats.

Standardization for efficiency

When transacting with multiple trading partners one of the most common problem faced by many organization is, how can they ensure they have a standard data format flowing in or going out from their ERP application, with BPI we will help you achieve that with ease, No matter how many number of transacting partners with various different data formats being sent or received,  BPI will standardize them and ensure your ERP system will always receive the desired format or will only send the same format, and BPI will ensure that your trading partners can still send and receive the format they prefer.


Simplistic &Interactive UI Platform

BPI offers very simple, interactive and intuitive Cloud UI platform, it is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by business users during the integration project and ongoing monitoring of transaction flow, majority of EDI platform which are in the market are built for advance technical users and doesn’t provide a business user friendly platform for onboarding new trading partners or monitoring and tracking on a ongoing basis. With BPI platform Clients can setup a new integration flow end to end in minutes and start transacting instantly, additionally they have the tools to track the end to end flow of the transaction without losing sight of it at any point or stage.


Security and Stability

BPI is powered by AWS, a leading cloud computing partner in the world. Using AWS, we take advantage of the control and confidence we need to securely run the business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. As an AWS customer BPI has the benefit of AWS data centers and a network architected to protect our client’s information, identities, application data. With BPI on AWS, we confidently meet the core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality.

All customers benefit from AWS being the only commercial cloud that has had its service offerings and associated supply chain vetted and accepted as secure enough for top-secret workloads.


EDI Implementation & Support

Cintap implementation team is equipped to support our client throughout the implementation for any custom development, testing and deployment of the solutions, we also have dedicated team with onsite and offshore (India) model for providing ongoing support if needed for clients.

Fees and Cost:

BPI offers user/Functionality based licensing model, Customers will be charged based on number of users and business transaction capability they will sign up for their integration needs.

Implementation and Support: Implementation and support SOW cost will be assessed at the time of discovery of the scope of work

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