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Cut your close time as much as 70% and get your life back.

1Wholesale Industry

Sage Intacct allows you to focus more on your productivity rather than the distribution aspect. As keeping a constant eye on the supply chain operations is a struggle, Sage Intacct would streamline the process in such ways to minimize your efforts. We would automate your processes and give real-time insight into your process.

Our system would give you a 3D view of our complete process by having a real-time report and dashboards. In a single place, you would be able to view the

complete distribution data and wholesale e-commerce of your company. Besides the features, i.e., daily logistic reports, identifying top-selling items and reports on profit margins, errors, and stock-outs would give a boost to your business.

As you grow your business, Sage Intact would be there to manage your affairs. Managing and creating multiple reports of various locations, operations, warehouses, and sales records would be at your disposal.

Warehouse management is one of the trickiest tasks in the wholesale business, but with our team of experts, Sage Intacct would streamline it and cut on the costs and hassles involved. Sage Intacct is also compatible with other supply chain applications, i.e., Avatax, which is an excellent sales-tax calculation software, especially when the shipment is done in multiple countries. Salesforce CRM is another software which integrates well with Sage Intacct and is used to automate the order-to-cash process.

2Non-profit organizations

Sage Intacct is involved with various non-profit organizations by managing their databases through the cloud-based system. In the world of non-profits, transparency is the most important actor as donors like where their hard-earned money is spent, and Sage Intacct provides just that. Sage Intacct delivers speed, accuracy, and clarity on the finances which ultimately builds the trust of donors and keep them on board

Multiple stakeholders, donors, currencies, and laws are involved in dealings of Non-profits, here, Sage Intact incorporates all this at a single place for your reviewing as per our convenience. Instant reports are available with the click of a button.

Managing accounts is of utmost importance, and Sage Intacct fund accounting provides just that. It contains statements of activities, cash flow, and financial position for each Donor.

The software provides centralized control of the finances and allows to manage money, set and manage budgets, track the money flow. All this is done to minimize the loss and gain pinpoint accuracy in managing the cash flow.

3Hospitality industry

A cloud-based hotel management system is a need in the hospitality Industry, and Sage Intacct has one of the best products in the business. The award-winning cloud-based system will keep our accounts and finances on track.

Customer focus is the top priority in this industry, and the management should focus on just that and let Sage Intacct take care of their financial worries. The software automates the hotels accounting and financial system, thus providing a broad and clear picture to the management and owners.

An industry already working on tight margins need a software to help them find loopholes and provide an in-depth view so decisions could be taken to cut down the costs, Sage Intacct delivers just that. The software can manage and automate the ownership structure, which consists of franchises, fractional partners, and global business units. The real-time tracking of financial performances of hotels helps in forecasting the revenue as it provides a complete picture.

Sage Intacct compatibility with other applications allows various payroll and attendance software integration with it. Its an easy, secure and real-time software making lives of personnel involved much more relaxed.

4Healthcare industry

Sage Intacct is widely used in the healthcare industry to streamline their processes. When expanding, it becomes challenging to keep a check on finances, and mainly when multiple locations are involved, which results in inefficiency. The healthcare automated financial software by Sage Intacct provides just that.

It’s the only HIPPA compliant cloud accounting software. The software would automate the financial and accounting process and centralize it, thus resulting in more accurate and faster results.

The browser-based access to the software helps managers in remote location take the right decision based on the real-time tracking and performance reports. The software provides a birds-eye view of the operations and finances and makes decisions based on that to cut down on costs and increase revenue.

5Franchise industry

Sage Intacct’s franchise management system helps to keep track of the finances and operations of the franchise. The automated system provides details of each location and allowing you the control and permission to perform financial processed in each place.

The ability to analyze and evaluate the operations and finances helps in improving the cash flow and forecasting of revenue — the ability to see the performance parameters, i.e., customers, vendors, location and the menu items.

The finances are managed efficiently due to the automated process, and each franchise has its accounts. It all ends up in saving cost and time while eliminating errors, all this being the prime motive of the software.

Sage Intacct cloud-based software is there to increase productivity as it has easy access. Applications like payroll, asset management, and payments, the chances of errors become negligible, thus providing a boost to your business.

6Financial services industry

As part of being in the finance department in a company or someone is at the Top position (CIO, CFO, etc.) are bound to be always under pressure and extreme workload. The automated financial management system by Sage Intacct is there for all your worries by performing the tasks done by financial management in less time and better efficiency. Tasks such as calculating the market value (FMV), Net Asset Value (NAV), monitoring cash-on-value, and various other tasks performed with ease and high accuracy.

The financial service accounting system is one of the best in the world having a multi-currency, multi-entry cloud-based accounting system. The advantage of getting real-time consolidations and access to even the minute details of a company’s assets and funds is present.

In times of scaling your business, no extra support or software integrations required. One can quickly increase the assets and funds in the existing software. The choice data of accounts, payments, and receivables are also possible. Decision making is made more accessible with Sage Intacct provided software provides the correct data out of the extensive database and complex structures with ease.

The system uses GAAP, compliant strategies, and auditing techniques. Detailed auditing of intercompany transactions is performed. The software being clod base eliminates downtimes for software maintenance and cut down the cost on IT. Sage Intact is recommended and preferred by AICPA, which sets the accounting standards for the profession

7Professional services

Sage Intact is the go-to choice for service companies as it helps them cut down on the cost associated with their business, thus increasing their revenue. The ability to view finances and operations from a top view can help scale your business.

The professional service software with its automation helps the cashflow be streamlined and customized as per your needs and business requirements. The software integrates with Saleforce CRM, so the quote-to-cash cycle is optimized.

The ability to create powerful consolidations to manage separate finances for various businesses across various location is done with ease. The software eliminates the manual efforts and countless spreadsheets, resulting in faster book closing, which ultimately leads to the growth of the business.

The top to bottom visibility of the finances on visual dashboard and reports is of immense value. The managers can see all the dimensions and metrics of the business in real-time, thus allowing them to see where to invest and how to improve. Sage Intacct’s software is open to integrate with other software for greater efficiency and growth. Open integration allows one to choose the software based on his business requirements with much hassle.

It’s the only business accounting solution recommended by AICPA and ranked as No.1 in customer satisfaction amongst various professional accounting software. The ability automate, streamline and accelerate a business are some the reasons Sage Intacct is the first choice of professional service companies

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